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Noun1.C-horizon - beneath the B-horizon and above the bedrock; consisting of weathered rock
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Paddy soils had the lowest soil pH values in the cultivated horizon (3.4), P-pan (3.0) and C-horizon (2.8) in the study area.
SOC storage in the total soil profiles was 1.25 Pg, of which approximately 0.41 Pg SOC was in A-horizon soils, 0.51 Pg SOC was in B-horizon soils and 0.33 Pg SOC was in C-horizon soils.
Willow leaves (all variants of Salix pulchra) and A-, B-, and C-horizon soils were sampled near 2 mining prospects suspected to be high in Cd.
After 4 weeks, the seedlings were transferred to the rhizoboxes containing 2.4 kg of either P-deficient acidic Arenosol from Niger, West Africa or C-horizon of Luvisol.