C. diphtheriae

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Noun1.C. diphtheriae - a species of bacterium that causes diphtheria
corynebacterium - any species of the genus Corynebacterium
genus Corynebacterium - the type genus of the family Corynebacteriaceae which is widely distributed in nature; the best known are parasites and pathogens of humans and domestic animals
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This may not be seen as a cost-effective activity by many laboratories; less biased and cost-effective surveillance data could be obtained by undertaking selective culture for C.
However, even though systematic assessment has not been performed, no signs of persistent circulation of C.
pseudodiphtheriticum infections may include confusion between C.
Nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae strains were recovered from [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] throat swabs from immunized British military personnel in Germany from 1993 [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] nontoxigenic C.
Throat swabs were collected and sent to the laboratory; smear findings showed typical organisms morphologically resembling C.
ulcerans have outnumbered those caused by toxigenic C.
According to cultural characters, biochemical tests and Elek's toxigenicity test, these were C.
Diphtheria is an acute toxin-mediated disease caused by toxigenic strains of C.
More recently, a multilocus sequence typing (MLST) scheme for C.
Interpretation & conclusions: Standard methods revealed the replacement of C.
In 2004, the first case of sepsis caused by nontoxigenic C.
Diphtheritic polyneuropathy is a toxic complication of initial infection with C.