C. elegans

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C. el·e·gans

 (sē′ ĕl′ə-gănz)
A nematode (Caenorhabditis elegans) that was the first animal whose genome was completely sequenced and is widely studied by researchers because it has a small genome and transparent skin.
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Although Ambros hadn't found genes in other organisms similar to the one he'd identified in C.
This collaboration with Roche Bioscience is an excellent opportunity to identify novel therapeutic targets using C.
Sperm availability is not normally a problem for any particular C.
NemaPharm will apply its proprietary technologies using a powerful model animal system, the nematode worm C.
Some scientists now plan to use it to block, one by one, each gene in C.
a leader in the development and application of drug discovery technologies using the well-studied nematode worm, C.
Compared with viruses, bacteria, or yeast--the other organisms whose genomes have been sequenced--the microscopic C.
De Bono and Bargmann tracked down the gene behind these differences by examining examples of a solitary strain of C.
He reported last month that the structure of bcl-2 is similar to that of a roundworm gene called ced-9, for C.
Devgen's proprietary RNAi technology, consisting of a pre-formatted library of bacteria containing C.
Leroi suggests that the same tests be applied to a close relative of C.
But by identifying the pathways through which the nervous system alters immune function in this simple creature C.