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1. cancel.
2. canceled.
3. cancellation.
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The chairman of the Cabinet Appointed Negotiation Committee, CANC, of the Ministry seeks sealed applications from interested parties for pre-qualification to submit proposals and receipt of award of BOT concession.
Recap[R] Sample Code Classification Type Size CRA Celera Genomics Sequencing 1 GEN Genomics (1st and Genomics 11 2nd Generation) AIMM Autoimmune Therapeutics 10 CANC Cancer Therapeutics 34 CARD Cardiovascular Therapeutics 4 CHEM Chemistry Other 6 CNS CNS (Central Therapeutics 13 Nervous System) DLVR Delivery Technology- 15 based DIAG Diagnostics/ Technology- 13 Imaging based GTHP Gene Therapy Therapeutics 10 INF Infection Therapeutics 17 META Metabolic Therapeutics 7 OTH Other Other 24 REV Revenue-Driven Therapeutics 5 SCR Screening Technology- 7 based WND Wound Therapeutics 7 Descriptive Statistics of Returns over the Estimation and Test Periods Recap[R] Std.
The Queen would also be subject to the new measures, CANC confirmed, although 'special discretion' will be allowed for the monarch.