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ca·po 1

n. pl. ca·pos
A small movable bar placed across the fingerboard of a guitar or similar instrument so as to raise the pitch of all the strings uniformly.

[Italian capo (di tastiera), head (of the fingerboard), from Latin caput; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·po 2

 (kä′pō, kăp′ō)
n. pl. ca·pos
The head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate.

[Italian, from Latin caput, head; see capo1.]


(ˈkeɪpəʊ; ˈkæpəʊ)
n, pl -pos
(Instruments) a device fitted across all the strings of a guitar, banjo, etc, so as to raise the pitch of each string simultaneously. Also called: capo tasto Compare barré
[from Italian capo tasto head stop]


(ˈkæpəʊ; Italian ˈkapo)
n, pl -pos
(Law) the presumed title of a Mafia leader
[Italian: head]


(ˈkeɪ poʊ)

n., pl. -pos.
any of various devices for a guitar, lute, banjo, etc., that when clamped or screwed down across the strings at a given fret will raise each string a corresponding number of half tones.
[1875–80; < Italian, shortening of capotasto=capo head (see capo2) + tasto fingerboard, fret]


(ˈkɑ poʊ, ˈkæp oʊ)

n., pl. -pos.
the chief of a branch of the Mafia.
[1960–65; < Italian: head, leader < Vulgar Latin *capum for Latin caput; compare chief]
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Noun1.capo - the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate
chief, top dog, head - a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"


nKapodaster m
References in classic literature ?
As for fishing for testaments and executorships (as Tacitus saith of Seneca, testamenta et orbos tamquam indagine capi), it is yet worse; by how much men submit themselves to meaner persons, than in service.
One of the capi paranze, my boy, no less; and the velvety Johnny a giovano onorato, Anglice, fresher.
Edillon told the BusinessMirror that given the time needed to purchase tablets, at best, the Capi can be done in selected regions.
Ayni zamanda bu 14 hastanin icerisinde, tumor capi 3cm'den kucuk olan uc hastada, eszamanli trigeminal sinir parezisinin oldugu goruldu.
After her grandfather Sam died in 1967, Capi spent a lot of time with her grandmother, Henryetta.
Instead, PFA inhibits formation of CaPi crystals like pyrophosphate and bisphosphonate, suggesting that the ability of PFA to inhibit calcification may be actually attributed to its ability to inhibit CaPi crystal formation [18].
They include Kroll Associates, one of the world's largest corporate intelligence companies, which bankrolled CAPI - and helped investigate Weinstein's accusers.
Inoltre, nel ricostruire la genesi del tema intorno al quale ruotano i quattro frammenti narrativi--il tema dell'uccisione rituale dei capi intesi come uomini di potere entrambi i critici giungono a rintracciarne le origini nell'attrazione esercitata su Calvino, specie a cavallo fra gli anni '60 e '70, da un'opera decisamente molto importante, persino forse centrale, nella Cultura letteraria e non del novecento: Il ramo d'oro di James George Frazer.
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