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This is supposed to be fro fear of the foxes: and it is perhaps from the same caus that these birds, though very tame by day, are shy and wil in the dusk of the evening.
Beneath him with new wonder now he views To all delight of human sense expos'd In narrow room Natures whole wealth, yea more, A Heaven on Earth, for blissful Paradise Of God the Garden was, by him in the East Of EDEN planted; EDEN stretchd her Line From AURAN Eastward to the Royal Towrs Of great SELEUCIA, built by GRECIAN Kings, Or where the Sons of EDEN long before Dwelt in TELASSAR: in this pleasant soile His farr more pleasant Garden God ordaind; Out of the fertil ground he caus'd to grow All Trees of noblest kind for sight, smell, taste; And all amid them stood the Tree of Life, High eminent, blooming Ambrosial Fruit Of vegetable Gold; and next to Life Our Death the Tree of Knowledge grew fast by, Knowledge of Good bought dear by knowing ill.
The silent gentleman, however, gave me a violent nudge in the ribs with his elbows -- told me I had sufficiently exposed myself for once -- and demanded if I was really such a fool as not to know that the modern steam-engine is derived from the invention of Hero, through Solomon de Caus.
"Americans are waking up to the importance of color in their lives," insisted Margaret Walch, director of the Color Association of the United States (CAUS).
From 1632 to 1635 he had part of the house and the garden rebuilt, with Isaac de Caus in charge of the work.
In the South, the winter weather forced portable toilets to be put in place outside MississippiAaAeAeAEs Capitol after pipes burst and it caus iguanas to become sluggish and topple from trees in South Florida.
[beaucoup moins que]Nous ne nous arrAaAaAeA terons p sur ce point, et nous demanderons des explications du ministAaAaAeA?re tutelle et de la prAaAaAeA@sidence du gouvernement, AaAaAeA travers notre rAaAaAe groupement parlementaire, pour mettre toute la lumiAaAaAeA?re sur les caus de la nAaAaAeA@gligence et des atermoiements qui entravent le dAaAaAeA@veloppe AaAaAeA@conomique et social de la province[beaucoup plus grand que], dAaAaAeA@clare-t
Ten years later he returned to Liv erpool Crown Court to admit caus ing the death by dangerous driving of Mr Edwards, whose parents watched from the public gallery.
Similar to the previous performance indicators, the normalized count of CAUs [[??].sub.CAU] is expressed as the ratio of the collected counts of CAUs [[??].sub.CAU] (excluding warm-up steps NW) to the total number of simulation time steps (expressed in minutes as ([10.sup.-3] x [T.sub.S.sup.)]/60) and the total number of UE pieces U; that is,
Counts of the number of outlets within each of the 1316 CAUs in the North Island were obtained.