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Noun1.CD burner - recording equipment for making compact disks
recorder, recording equipment, recording machine - equipment for making records
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MP3 CD Burner supports the newest hardware features, including 80-minute CD's and the latest Burn Proof technology.
Also, the eMachines T2958 offers a dedicated DVD-ROM drive and a CD burner, along with Intel Extreme Graphics and the 8-in-1 memory card reader.
44 Inch floppy disk drive, 32 bit sound card and video card, CD Burner, network and Internet capability, speakers, keyboard, mouse and 1-800 tech support.
WinProducer 3 CD enables burning to CD disks via a CD burner only, while WinProducer 3 DVD supports burning to both CD and DVD burners and disks.
The software targets the growing number of families that take digital photos, own a computer with a CD burner, and want a fun and easy way to preserve and share their digital memories.
With NDAS technology, I-O Data users will be able to share their external hard drives and optical drives with any networked PC and laptop -- allowing them to buy one external DVD or CD burner that can be accessed by their entire home network.
It is truly unique and addresses actual pain points that exist for today's CD burner user.
3, 45, or 78 rpm) on to the turntable or cassette into the tape player, insert a blank CD into the built-in CD burner, hit the record button and transfer vinyl or tape to CD.
external radio, reel-to-reel player, 8-track, MP3/iPod), insert a blank CD into the CD burner, hit the record button and let the Neostar CD Wizard do the rest.
STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Place vinyl or tape on to/into turntable Insert blank CD into built in CD burner Press play and record and enjoy your new CD or any CD player SAVE PS40 ON A KINETIC AUTOMATIC WATCH No battery required- powered by the movement of your wrist
Users of playback software with CD burner features can use Tunebite 6 to burn the music files onto a virtual CD, which Tunebite 6 then uses in turn to convert the files into any desired format.
Although many document management systems (DMS), such as Computhink or Worldox, automate the process, most small or solo practices won't need these; all you really need are a sheet-fed scanner, CD burner, free Adobe Reader, and the willingness to tweak the way you (and your staff) work.