lossy compression

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los´sy com`pres´sion

n.1.(Computers) The compression of binary data into a form which, when it is re-expanded, has most, but not all, of the original information. It is used primarily for compression of images and sounds, and is designed to provide a high degree of compression at the cost of a slight loss of data. It is expemplified by the JPEG compression standard. Images compressed by a lossy compression algorithm are re-expanded into an image close, but not identical to the original image; the difference between the original and the reconstructed image may be imperceptible to normal viewing by the eye.
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Thanks to HiFi technology, serious audiophiles can look forward to streaming 16-bit FLAC CD quality tracks on select speakers and amplifiers.
As for what exactly Spotify Hi-Fi offers, it includes all the features from the Premium subscription, pre-sale concert tickets, discounts on vinyls and, most importantly, lossless CD quality audio.
The combined solution delivers HD and true CD quality audio directly to wireless speakers and AV receivers for an enjoyable music listening experience.
Now, this Spotify-rivalling French music streaming service aims to cater for the more discerning listener, offering 16-bit/44.1kHz CD quality lossless FLAC files across its catalogue.
The 2.4GHz wireless technology used with the HS-W1 headset allows CD quality sound (44.1KHz/16-bit, uncompressed) to be transmitted from the tiny USB dongle to the headset, while also offering twice the remote distance of Bluetooth audio.
The Mixup Digital store offers a wide range of DRM-free MP3 tracks in CD quality (320kb) and its digital library consists of approximately 2m tracks.
Since the WL-060 is completely plug and play, the user can immediately begin to listen to digitally-stored music, audio or MP3 files via the stereo - and with CD quality. Moreover, since the compact WL-060 has a maximum range of 50 metres the notebook no longer needs to be located near the stereo, thereby offering the user optimum flexibility and user-friendliness.
It will take anywhere from more than 9 hours on a dial-up modem to 19 minutes on cable to download the CD quality Great Expectations, versus from 1.5 hours to 2 minutes to download the radio quality files.
HD Radio broadcasting promises to send CD quality sound and extra information to more radio station channels with the same amount of bandwidth.