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Noun1.autoloader - a firearm that reloads itself
automatic firearm, automatic gun, automatic weapon - a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
firearm, small-arm, piece - a portable gun; "he wore his firearm in a shoulder holster"
semiautomatic firearm - an autoloader that fires only one shot at each pull of the trigger
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World's-first technologies introduced by Pioneer include recordable DVD-R drives, multiple-disc CD-ROM changer, mass storage DVD library and first multi-functional optical drive capable of reading and writing to both M-O and WORM, and combination DVD/CD recordable drive.
The branch library had one computer with an old CD-ROM changer on it, and although it was slow and clunky, it was one of the most heavily used computers.
The Pioneer DRM-6NX is a compact storage solution that combines hard-drive caching, a network interface, and a six-disc CD-ROM changer in a single, small-footprint device.
In addition, Pioneer will show a new 12x internal CD-ROM drive, as well as CD-ROM storage products including 100-disc and 500-disc CD-ROM jukeboxes, and a six-disc CD-ROM changer.
distributor of Nakamichi Corp.'s seven-disc CD-ROM changer.
Pioneer invented the world's first multiple-disc CD-ROM changer and offered the first multifunction optical drive capable of reading and writing to both MO and WORM.
Pioneer New Media Technologies is shipping the DRM-6NX, a compact storage solution combining hard drive caching, a network interface, and a six-disc CD-ROM changer in a single device with a small footprint.
Panasonic Computer Peripheral Company (PCPC) has announced that it has increased the speed of its Big 5 internal five-disc CD-ROM changer to 12x speed.
Don't let this product's name confuse you; it does not house more than one videodisc at a time like a CD-ROM changer.
I added workstations and another CD-ROM changer Each station then had one CD-ROM product, which I labeled on the machine for easy view, and a couple of other applications (always a word processing program, and usually a curriculum title that was copied on the hard drive, such as Interactive Physics).
Panasonic Computer Peripheral Company (PCPC) has introduced an enhanced lox version of its Big 5 five-disc CD-ROM changer. Designed to fit in a standard half-height bay, the company says the new Big 5 is both the fastest and highest-capacity half-height changer on the market.
Denon's main product was a 200-disc CD-ROM changer that was derived from its audio CD model.