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Noun1.CD-ROM drive - a drive that is connected to a computer and on which a CD-ROM can be `played'CD-ROM drive - a drive that is connected to a computer and on which a CD-ROM can be `played'
drive - (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
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One approach to a dedicated CD server is to create a standard file server running an operating system such as Microsoft Windows NT, Novell NetWare, or a Unix variant provided with one or more processors, large amounts of RAM, and multiple CD-ROM drive towers.
Today, the well-equipped, peripatetic CPA carries a slim notebook that contains an ample hard disk (which can be slipped out so another hard disk loaded with other applications and files can be used in its place), a CD-ROM drive and a modem for communications.
More than 50 percent of CD-ROM drive units were sold in America.
Information will be provided on the many ways to connect compact disc-read only memory (CD-ROM) to a desktop or laptop personal computer (PC), key decisions to be made before purchasing a CD-ROM drive, and the type of monitor, speakers and data bus needed.
First in a New Line, the CSD-760E CD-ROM Drive Kit Includes Everything
Add a sound board, speaker system and CD-ROM drive to your computer and you have entered the wonderful world of multimedia.
announces today its new European partners for European distribution of the new Kenwood 72X TrueX(TM) CD-ROM drive (ATAPI), the company's third high performance drive based on Zen Research's TrueX(TM) technology.
Another downside: Because there's nowhere to stash good speakers, even the most advanced multimedia portables with a built-in CD-ROM drive have dreadful sound, a joke compared to desktop models with their relatively beefy soundblasters.
The other is a CD-ROM drive that can write huge amounts of data to a cartridge-based compact disc.
The P5-100XL comes in a tower case and includes the quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive, 17-inch Vivitron monitor, ENSONIQ's 16-bit wavetable sound card, Altec-Lansing ACS-31 speakers with subwoofer, 16MB of RAM, 1GB enhanced IDE hard drive and a high-performance PCI local bus video card with 2MB video RAM.
The Toughbook 37 features a multimedia pocket that holds a 24x CD-ROM drive, as well an optional Super Disk drive, DVD-ROM drive or a 3100mA second Battery Pack.
The remaining multimedia kits include an internal, double-speed CD-ROM drive with 250-millisecond (ms) access time -- 22 percent faster than the drive used in the company's spring kit line.