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abbreviation for
(Military) Commander


or CDR,



a compact disc onto which data can be written but not erased or modified.
[1985–90; C(ompact) D(isc)-R(ecordable)]


abbr (=commander) → CdtCD rack nrange-CD mCD recorder ngraveur m de CD
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It is much faster for controllers to consult their CDR route database to find you an alternate route than to cobble together a safe departure route when thunderstorms, turbulence or heavy traffic get in the way.
CDR specializes in providing custom, quality landscape designs and professional sales presentations.
CDR has "more than 30" clients, according to Peters.
To compensate for the anticipated increase in CDRs, lawmakers also eased the minimum CDR requirements institutions must meet to remain eligible to participate in the federal loan and Federal Pell Grant programs.
CDR is a stable variable in time for a defined population.
The implementation and enrollment plan was developed in cooperation with industry representatives, including software vendors, trade associations, and a number of banks from across the country that participate in the Financial Institutions Focus Group for the CDR project.
Each call in the study included a pre-rate request based on call source, destination number, and account balance information, as well as a rate request that included a balance update and the writing of both a CDR and a billing event record.
Consequently, the loop bandwidth of the repeater's PLL must be low enough so that any jitter that is transferred is at a frequency that can be reliably tracked by the downstream receiver's CDR.
The idea to conduct a written 15-question survey among the system's 120 users evolved about a year ago after EUSHC changed management and no viable benchmarks were available to prove the value of the CDR.
The CDR Tracker reviews recommendations made by the Canadian Expert Drug Advisory Committee (CEDAC), the decision-making body of the Common Drug Review.
According to an estimate, over 4,000 CDRs were leaked by a Delhi- based company, which used to sell them for hefty amounts.
Originally scheduled for implementation in October 2004, rollout of the CDR was postponed to address industry feedback and allow more time for system testing and enrollment.