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From the start of its operations, CERGE was hindered in its development by the scarcity of local faculty who could be rigorously retrained and assume teaching responsibilities, severe space constraints and uncertainties in the building allocated to CERGE, and the budgetary restrictions facing Charles University.
The Academy abolished its three institutes dealing with economics and created a new economics institute (EI) that shared CERGE's research and public service missions and whose activities would be gradually integrated with those of CERGE to form CERGE-EI.
Bulgaria has received funding from USIA and is well represented in CERGE, Pew Charitable Trusts, Civic Education Project, and other programs.
Currently, 63 students from the region are enrolled at CERGE and 56 students in the CEU economics department.
When the sign first appears before Grim and his wife Leue, the narrator says: that '[o]f hise mouth it stod a stem / Als it were a sunnebem; / Also lith was it per-inne / So per brenden cerges [candles] inne' (591-94; emphasis added); later, when Ubbe sees it, the narrator exclaims, 'Pat al-so lith wa[s] pare, bi heuene