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Noun1.chief financial officer - the corporate executive having financial authority to make appropriations and authorize expenditures for a firm
business executive, corporate executive - an executive in a business corporation
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The report surveyed 150 CFOs from the UAE and Saudi Arabia from medium to large companies across industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, retail, healthcare and distribution.
Over half (51%) of CFOs said that data security was the most important technology priority for them.
IF you think the role of a chief finance officer (CFO) is just number crunching, then you must belong to a company stuck in the dark ages.
Fewer than half of North America-based CFOs are confident there won't be a recession in The European Union (EU).
The studies, one for insurance and one for banking, found that the CFOs mattered, in part, because they manage the money.
The Best Turnaround Specialist recognizes CFOs who have contributed to a significant transaction, transformation or turnaround of their companies.
Now on its 12th year, the annual search has already recognized 11 outstanding CFOs: Delfin Gonzalez Jr., who won when he was CFO of Globe Telecom; Sherisa Nuesa, who bagged the coveted title when she was CFO of Manila Water; Jose Sio, who was CFO of SM Investments Corp.
The survey represents the viewpoint of over 200 chief financial officers (CFOs) in India.
"Today's CFO has to be a Swiss Army knife with several functions and abilities," said Alan Galmes, CFO and Vice President, Bunge Latin America.
In high-growth industries such as electronics and pharmaceutical products, accountant CFOs were found to be more risk averse than nonaccountant managers, resulting in more conservative corporate outcomes.
Increasingly, CFOs are seen as strategists and catalysts (Debra Hazel, "The CFO's Expanding Role," Chain Store Age, July 1, 2014, expanding-role-cfo).