congestive heart failure

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congestive heart failure

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heart′ fail`ure

1. a condition in which the heart fatally ceases to function.
2. a condition in which the heart pumps inadequate amounts of blood, characterized by edema, esp. of the lower legs, and shortness of breath.
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con·ges·tive heart failure

Inability of the heart to circulate blood adequately to the lungs and outer body tissues, resulting in weakness and shortness of breath.
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congestive heart failure

Heart failure affecting either the right or left sides of the heart.
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Noun1.congestive heart failure - inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the tissues
coronary failure, heart failure - inability of the heart to pump enough blood to sustain normal bodily functions
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An annual donation from Purina is shared between the parent breed clubs and their Donor Advised Funds at CHF. Since it began in 2002, PPCP has provided approximately $8 million for canine health research, breed rescue and/or educational efforts to positively impact the general well-being of dog breeds.
The researchers found that primary outcomes occurred in five pregnancies (5.3 percent) in four women and consisted exclusively of CHF. The incidence of CHF was 31 and 0 percent among women with and without a history of cardiotoxicity, respectively.
The document mentioned that the third funding was concluded on December 1991 for CHF 60 m, followed by additional funding of CHF 20m in 1995, adding that the fourth funding was signed on December 1997 of CHF 80m followed by an additional Swiss financial offer worth CHF 20m, to face the extra needs for the fourth funding in January 2001.
CHF is one of the largest manufacturers of home textiles in the US and works with the likes of DKNY and Peri Home.
Methods: The elderly patients who were hospitalized from October 2010 to October 2015 in our hospital due to CHF for the first time were selected by means of retrospective case collection.
Many researchers have investigated the subcooling effect on boiling heat transfer, and some correlations have been developed for the subcooling effect on the CHF. Kutateladze [1] was one of the earliest researchers who investigated the subcooling effect.
Almost all district health managers responsible for the management of the CHF had attended some training on management and leadership.
The sale of Datamars is likely to result in a realised investment return of approximately 3.5x and a IRR of 50.6% for JPEL, on a CHF basis.
Framingham's criteria were used to determine the presence or absence of clinical CHF, which has high sensitivity and moderate specificity and patients were divided into CHF positive and CHF negative groups.
Hepatocellular functions are relatively well-preserved and complications are portal hypertension (PH), gastro-oesophageal varices and hypersplenism.1,5 Data regarding exact incidence and prevalence of CHF is not known, but estimated prevalence is 1 in 10,000 to 20,000.1,5 In 1978, Kerr reported 30 cases of CHF and described their long-term outcome.6 Poddar U.
Evasio Pasini, of the Medical Center of Lumezzane, Brescia, Italy, was to measure the presence of pathogenic (disease-causing) gut flora and intestinal permeability (sometimes called "leaky gut") and their association with disease severity, venous blood congestion, and inflammation in patients with CHF.