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 (kī′ŏs′, -ōs′, kē′-, KHē′ôs)
An island of Greece in the Aegean Sea off the western coast of Turkey. It was noted in antiquity for its school of epic poets.


(ˈkiːɒs; -əʊs)
1. (Placename) an island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey: belongs to Greece. Capital: Chios. Pop: 51 936 (2001). Area: 904 sq km (353 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a port on the island of Chios: in ancient times, one of the 12 Ionian city-states. Pop (municipality): 25 671 (2001).
Modern Greek name: Khíos


(ˈkaɪ ɒs, -oʊs, ˈki-)

a Greek island in the Aegean, near the W coast of Turkey. 53,942; 322 sq. mi. (834 sq. km).
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Noun1.Chios - an island in the Aegean Sea off the west coast of TurkeyChios - an island in the Aegean Sea off the west coast of Turkey; belongs to Greece
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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Later on Menelaus joined us at Lesbos, and found us making up our minds about our course--for we did not know whether to go outside Chios by the island of Psyra, keeping this to our left, or inside Chios, over against the stormy headland of Mimas.
To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied:-- "Nor doth this grandeur and majestic shew Of luxury, though called magnificence, More than of arms before, allure mine eye, Much less my mind; though thou should'st add to tell Their sumptuous gluttonies, and gorgeous feasts On citron tables or Atlantic stone (For I have also heard, perhaps have read), Their wines of Setia, Cales, and Falerne, Chios and Crete, and how they quaff in gold, Crystal, and myrrhine cups, imbossed with gems And studs of pearl--to me should'st tell, who thirst And hunger still.
My advice," concludes THR's Velasco, "would be to conceive of the CMIO and the CHIO roles in the context of the accountable care transition, rather than simply as an implementational leader; because while the implementation aspects are important, they need to be embedded in the work towards population health, analytics, and quality and care management.
AHIP believes Project CHIO can help address this challenge.
Thorsten Strau, Deutsche Banks Global Head of Art, Culture & Sport, said: CHIO Aachen has evolved into an important platform for the bank for encounters with clients and business partners.
The proposed provision is included in the design of the study, while the final provision will be approved by the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Chios Island (DEYAX).
I know Refugee Education Chios welcomes any new or used educational materials for children.
About 1,500 migrants and refugees who arrived on Chios since March 20 were being held at the facility.
Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and was the birthplace of Greek shipping magnate Stavros Livanos.
Mastic tree thrives and gives mastic only in the south part of the island of Chios and nowhere else in the Word.
This flight will give us the chance to meet our manufacturers and the Cooperative of Mastiha Growers on the island of Chios in Greece, as well as strategize for 2011 growth with key shareholders at the mastihashop offices in Athens.
Greek airline Olympic Air today announced that it is offering fares priced at EUR15 one-way for flights between Athens and Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Chios and Kos.