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abbreviation for
(Surgery) Master of Surgery
[Latin Chirurgiae Magister]


or chmn.,

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The five-day workshop had the CBD providing an overview of the CHM, highlighting the need for countries to understand its purpose and strategic content.
In May 2013, however, CHM was reported to have accumulated by end-2012 a total debt of $4.
We're here, we're trying to push forward and find out new things about CHM every day.
For the purposes of this study, the CHM score was dichotomized into two groups: 0-2 and 3-7.
El grupo 2 tenia las otras 20 muestras y se obturo con la tecnica de CHM, la cual se desarrolla en dos etapas: en la primera se realiza una CL en frio, como se describio anteriormente, en el tercio apical y una vez obtenido el relleno de los ultimos 5 mm, se introduce la punta portadora de calor 0,08 % (fino/mediano) del System B[R] previamente medida, hasta los ultimos 4 mm apicales.
Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTRs) genotyping was performed for 30 cases in two groups of CHM (n=21) and PHM (n=9), with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification of 2 different polymorphic loci, namely the Col2A1 and D1580.
A genetically modified virus is used in the experimental therapy to smuggle healthy copies of the CHM gene into light-sensitive cells in the retina, and supporting tissue called retinal pigment epithelium.
The chemical structures of the SR-FVI and the CHM were measured by FTIR spectroscopy and their spectrograms are shown in Fig.
First, we obtained a set of CHM tissues and blood samples from a CHM pregnant woman at 10 weeks' gestation and normal villous tissue from a woman with an uncomplicated singleton pregnancy who underwent artificial abortion at 10 weeks' gestation.
It is then concluded that acupuncture treatment can improve the effects of CHM in treating endometriosis model rats.
Working Strategy of Pakistan's National Biodiversity CHM was shared and discussed by Dr.
The difference was only between acupuncture plus CHM and CHM with significantly better results by acupuncture plus CHM.