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v. t.1.To champ; to bite.
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Since it is part of a World Heritage site, the old souk area a walking distance to the north of the temple site should be in harmony with its surroundings and remain authentic, Salloum says, adding that parts of the souk are being restored to their former and authentic stonewall facades through the CHUD project, an act she hopes will also attract more tourists to the city.
The Cultural Heritage and Urban Development - CHUD Program, with an overall amount of nearly 120.
CHUD points out that this newfound Iron Man army could have ramifications that extend to Marvel's "(http://www.
Briefly, in 1999, the CERH, the CHUD, and the South Texas Promotora Association worked together to develop and implement a pilot program that would use research, education, and outreach in the evaluation of sustainable environmental health in the colonias.
A successful story that was presented within the international framework of the event "The safeguard of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean countries afflicted by conflicts: the CHUD program in Lebanon and the experience of the Italian Cooperation" promoted and organized in Rome by the Italian Development Cooperation as a tribute to the Lebanese Culture and to the many institutions and professionals struggling to protect it.