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also cire  (sĭ-rā′)
Having a highly glazed finish, usually by the application of wax: a ciré shirt; a ciré jacket.

[French, past participle of cirer, to wax, from Latin cērāre; see cerated.]


(Textiles) (of fabric) treated with a heat or wax process to make it smooth
1. (Textiles) such a surface on a fabric
2. (Textiles) a fabric having such a surface
[C20: French, from cirer to wax, from cire, from Latin cēra wax]



1. a brilliant, highly glazed surface produced on fabrics by subjecting them to a wax, heat, and calendering treatment.
2. a fabric with such a finish.
[1920–25; < French < Latin cērātus waxed]
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