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You have your Engleesh proverb about the dead men and the stories; it was necessary to make clin swip.
Author: Citation Normal Selection criteria population defining healthy Apple: Clin Chem n = 524 Health questionnaire 2012;58:1574-81 Chenevier: Clin Lab n = 177 History, clinical examination, 2013;59:333-56 blood analysis eGFR (a) <40 excluded Collinson: Clin Chem n = 545 Health questionnaire, NT- 2012;58:219-25 proBNP, eGFR Franzini: Clin Chim n = 1600 Health questionnaire and Acta 2015;438:376-81.
The final awards were comprised of requirements under four separate Contract Line Items (CLINs) for a period of one year plus four option years.
(12) The court also noted that the Air Force ordered the work under CLIN 0001AC even though the Air Force never placed an order under CLIN 0001AA.
In its bid, M.G priced Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) 0001AA, removal of aggregate surfacing, at $1.50 per square foot.
There will be no requirement for the contractor to accumulate costs or bill financing payments by separate CLIN or SLIN.
Clin Exp Allergy 34:1507-1513; doi: 10.1111/ j.1365-2222.2004.02061.x [Online October 2004].
AACC Hosts the International Congress on Clinical Chemistry, 9-14 September 1956, in New York, and Clinical Chemistry publishes the abstracts (Clin Chem 1956;2:225-95 and 383-93).
Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 44:202-213 (1978).
Option 1 (CLINs 0600-0603) requires the contractor to develop and deliver three counter communications systems and refurbish one of the systems.