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Noun1.CMB - (cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2.725 kelvin
cosmogeny, cosmogony, cosmology - the branch of astrophysics that studies the origin and evolution and structure of the universe
cosmic radiation - radiation coming from outside the solar system
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The purpose of this media briefing is to confirm that indeed BPOPF has a pending matter before the courts in regards to its business relations with CMB.
Today, CMB operates 15 Regional Centers and has scope within 21 states.
CMB decided to launch the project to implement an enterprise-wide solution for their capital markets teams based in Shenzhen and Shanghai.
The Company has entered into 7-year bareboat charters with CMB for the Vessels.
However, approximately 30 years ago, scientists observed that when CMB radio waves pass through the hot gas in a galaxy cluster, its high-energy electrons disturb the CMB's constituent photons.
Upon completion of the ten-year agreement Excelerate will re-purchase the FSRU from CMB.
The release of the CMB happened at the time when electrons and protons joined to form hydrogen atoms.
En realidad se trata de una compania estrechamente vinculada con el propio CMB (con sede en la Ciudad de Mexico) y dedicada a la comercializacion, toda vez que los objetivos del consejo se concentran basicamente en regular las peleas, sancionarlas y realizar las clasificaciones de los boxeadores.
The Princeton folks, who had been hunting for the CMB, had the good grace to accept they'd been scooped.
A ceremony will take place at the company headquarters in Shipley, where Andrew will be presented with the award by the local Lord Lieutenant, in the presence of the media and CMB Engineering's employees.
Small areas of brain damage associated with CMB are thought to trigger cognitive problems when they lead to disruption of communication between brain cells or brain regions.
CMB also engages directly in the business of banking outside the United States.