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Noun1.CMBR - (cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2.725 kelvin
cosmogeny, cosmogony, cosmology - the branch of astrophysics that studies the origin and evolution and structure of the universe
cosmic radiation - radiation coming from outside the solar system
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It starts with the fluctuations in the density of the universe seen in the CMBR, then models the way that matter collapses into today's galaxies over the subsequent 13 billion years.
The CMBR is 1,000 times cooler today, corresponding to a black body radiation temperature of approximately 3 [degrees] K.
The continuous fluctuation of energy in the quantum field which are believed to be responsible for tiny variations of temperature in the CMBR provided the 'seeds' from which stars and galaxies were formed.
Since the 1960s, radio astronomers have known that the CMBR bathes Earth from all directions.
Following the mapping of the density fluctuations in the two-dimensional CMBR, Professor Daniel Einsenstein of the University of Arizona, with a legion of co-investigators, carried out a complementary survey (in
Because the pattern of "hot" and "cold" spots on the microwave sky depends not only upon the primeval lumpiness imparted by inflation but also upon important cosmological parameters, the potential scientific harvest from mapping the CMBR is very rich.
Meanwhile, from the observed Doppler effect obtained from WMAP known as "dipole anisotropy" one deduces that Solar System moves with respect to isotropic CMBR with the velocity 368 [+ or -] 2 km/sec in the direction of galactic longitude l = 263.
Another researcher who offers a good guide to the CMBR is the University of Chicago's Wayne Hu (http://background .
4] inferred from the CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation).
As 2002 drew to a close I had been told repeatedly that NASA would imminently publicize the findings of WMAP, which had been launched a mere 18 months earlier in the hope of mapping what Lemonick calls "the astronomical equivalent of the human genome"--the cosmic microwave background radiation, or CMBR.
Sunyaev identified the extraordinary possibility of using observations of baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) -- oscillations resulting from primordial fluctuations in the early universe that are detectable in the CMBR -- for quantitative analysis of cosmological parameters of the expanding universe.
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