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On the 11th of March, 1968, having struggled to protect his wounded teammates and survive through the night, CMSgt Etchberger set eyes on his final sunrise.
Western, CMSgt John, chief, SF Enlisted Assignments, Air Force Personnel Center.
Cc: Morris, Mervin E CMSgt 31 MXS/CCF; Steele, Carole J MSgt 31 FW/PA; Wieman, Colleen A SrA 31 FW/PA; Baysmore, Jerome C TSgt 31 FW/PA
Notably, the defense cited evidence other than CMSgt Hibbard's final statement to TSgt W in support of its request.
(570) 629-3488 364th Ftr Grp (WWII) and Support Units: Dan Leftwich (937) 850-3641 3650th Basic Military Trng Wing (BMTW) (Sampson AFB, all personnel): Chip Phillips (716) 633-1119 386th Bomb Gr.: Skip Young 941-482-5059; e-mail: 3929th Abn, 7th AD, HQ (Wycombe, England 1959-64): Monte Bassette (909) 485-2523 3rd AF, 7559th Wing (Burtonwood, Eng., Berlin Airlift, Korea & Desert Storm): Richard Iwanowski (773) 767-1810 461st Bomb Wing, SAC B-52/KC-135 (formerly Strategic Wing, Amarillo AFB): James Browall (915) 793-2995; E-mail: JIMR461@JUNO.COM 47th Bomb Wing, 84th Bomb Sqdn (all units B-45/B-66): Charles Palmer (740) 345-3229; E-mail: 482nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (ADC): CMSGT Thomas O.
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Several senior leaders (06 level, CFO level, CMSgt level, Chief of Staff level and others) attended the meeting and provided overview presentations on their organizations.
Vice President Carolyn Regan, BS, CMSgt, USAF (ret), San Antonio, I X
(39.) CMSgt Joseph Lafferty, Headquarters United States Air Force/Installations and Logistics Maintenance, interview by author, 4 January 2006.
He relayed comments and tributes from several people who weren't able to make the trip to Chicago--among them, CMSgt Cliff Moody, USAF (ret.), and General Chuck Horner, USAF (ret.).