CO2 extinguisher

(sē´ô`tŌ` ĕks`tĭņ´gwĭsh`ẽr)
1.a device for suppressing fire, consisting of a steel cylinder containing compressed carbon dioxide, which may be released by pressing on a handle. The release of the gas is usually accomplished through a hose attached to a funnel-shaped vent which is directed at the base of the fire, and when released, part of the carbon dioxide is chilled sufficiently to solidify into a powder. The large quantity of inert carbon dioxide released on top of a small fire is usually sufficient to exinguish the flame by excluding oxygen, and the cooling effect also helps drive the temperature of the combustible material below that required to support compustion. It is used in situations where putting water on the fire might cause undesirable damage.
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Crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and put out the fire using a high pressure hose and a CO2 extinguisher in a flat.
There are some issues with ordering parts for the CO2 extinguisher.
They used breathing apparatus and a CO2 extinguisher to put out the fire.
Saucier, commander of the SWAT team, vice squad and gang unit, said his units often use a CO2 extinguisher.
I AM an avid reader of the Chronicle and looking at last night's Remember When photograph where the caption reads the person is using a foam extinguisher but actually it looks like a carbon dioxide CO2 extinguisher.
Safety gear: Decontamination shower; rescue guideline and harness knife; one CO2 extinguisher, one foam extinguisher; two handlamps; six traffic cones; jerry can and funnel.
Limited Tenders are invited for Invitation Of Bids For Supply Of Water Co2 Extinguisher 9 Ltr Capacity And Mechanical Foam Extinguisher 9 Ltr Capacity
5 kg, water co2 extinguisher 9 ltr, fire bucket with stand etc.
Tenders are invited for Refilling Of Co2 Extinguisher And Cartridge
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Fire Fighting Equipments : Water CO2 Extinguisher (09 Liter),CO2 Extinguisher (09 Liter),Mech.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Fire Fighting Equipment(Water CO2 Extinguisher (09 Liter)
It will also include the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of new equipment: fire extinguisher water spray 6 liters; 9 liters water spray extinguisher; ABC powder fire extinguisher 6 kg; ABC powder fire extinguisher 9 kg; CO2 extinguisher / 2 kg carbon dioxide; CO2 extinguisher / 5 kg carbon dioxide; fire escape plan with general instructions cases plasticized in part inactinic aluminum; Intervention for replacement extinguisher or smoke triggered; rental of fire extinguishers for a demonstration.