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1. colloquial.
2. colloquialism.
3. colloquially.
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fam., DO: fam., GRADIT: colloq.) e abbastanza alta la data di prima attestazione: forse il 1923, indicato da Z, o almeno il 1938, l'anno in cui apparve un memorabile saggio di Migliorini sulla lingua contemporanea, in cui si segnala sfotto tra i termini scherzosi diffusi attraverso <<i periodici umoristici, volutamente di tono popolare>>.
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Kochia Indica Wight (Colloq: Qurashka) is found widely in areas of Karak and Bannu districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
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Miss Doherty's assignment to her sophomore section of English at Richmond Hill High School was to write a single-page essay on "My Favorite Books." My response, back in 1960, was to award the palm to Heinrich Harrer's My Seven Years in Tibet, the book I had most recently read; mild approbation to Arthur Conan Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles and mysteries in general; and short shrift to the entire genre of military books, which I said I just "couldn't stand." Miss Doherty indulged my opinions and kindly graded the essay at 90, but noted in the margin that my chatty remark that had meant to tar-brush everyone from Martial to Marshall was "colloq." (colloquial), and thus deficient.
colloq. To do something at random' (1921); 3) intr.