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(word root) with, together, in association
Examples of words with the root com-: combine


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) a commercial company


(Computer Science)
a. a process in which a computer output is converted direct to microfiche or film, esp 35 or 16 millimetre film
b. (as modifier): a COM machine.
[(C)omputer (O)utput on (M)icrofilm]



Comedy Central (a cable television channel).


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it and its variants meant “with,” “together with,” and denoted joint or simultaneous action ( colloquy; confer; convene), partnership ( colleague), union ( coitus; colleat; combine), or enclosure (content), or marked the completed nature of the action of a verb (conclude; confection); com- is used before b, p, m (combine; compare; commingle).
For variants before other sounds, see co-, col-1, con-, cor-.
[< Latin cum with]


1. Commander.
2. Commission.
3. Commissioner.
4. Committee.
5. Commodore.
6. Commonwealth.


1. comedy.
2. comma.
3. command.
4. commander.
5. commerce.
6. commercial.
7. commission.
8. commissioner.
9. committee.
10. common.
11. commonly.
12. communications.
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Desde o inicio, Film tem a dinamica de um jogo de perseguicao, com Object completamente coberto, tentando se esconder das pessoas e fugindo dos olhares que lhe dirigem.
Although a COM object supports metadata, it obtains limited reflection ability through the IDispatch interface and automation techniques [36, 43], which makes it not a good choice for Android applications.
The enhanced Repackager in version 3.5 allows zero-footprint software repackaging, which in addition to the improved exclusion options and precise COM object registration capabilities, provides accurate and reliable software repackaging solution.
The integration and consolidation rules will be implemented as a COM object. The COM object will embed all the decision-making rules.
InterAct features support for VBScript and JavaScript and is built as a COM object so it can be utilised with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual InterDev.
The following examples compare how to interact with a DMM using a VB 6 COM object and a VB .NET class library.
There exists a limited backward compatibility in that a COM object may be used in .NET by implementing a runtime callable wrapper (RCW), and .NET objects may be used in COM objects by calling a COM callable wrapper.
These include full integration of Microsoft Visual Basic with supporting client tools, and full support for Microsoft COM object repository.
Compaq Computer Ltd has introduced its OpenVMS Galaxy software architecture, Microsoft COM Object Technology for OpenVMS and OpenVMS operating enhancements as part of its Affinity for OpenVMS Wave 6 programme.
Within the next several days, the remaining engineers pinpointed the problem to threading issues with their COM object, and solved it.
It facilitates automatic e-mail of test reports, file manipulation operations, selection of a file directory using a standard Windows file system browser, talking to an IVI-COM driver or other generic COM object, and sending test results directly to a company's databases or using XML to enquire on those databases.
This capability is supported by internal waveform generators and software drivers including COM objects, DLLs, and LabVIEW libraries.