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Noun1.COMINT - technical and intelligence information derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients
SIGINT, signals intelligence - intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence
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Section 3 presents the practical factors to consider when designing the DF array configuration for airborne COMINT. First, the received signal model is introduced.
Radio receivers were also installed in later ferrets to enable COMINT collection against enemy communications.
These advancements--enhanced IMINT, COMINT, and ELINT--solidified the role of airborne strategic intelligence.
Marketing manager Igo Licht says: "We are working on a full range of radar and other sensors for COMINT and ELINT." Aug 17, 2010
* three categories of components of the self-determined internal environment [M.sub.aint] [1] Internal community (Comint) which gives the cluster its identity (crowd, group / team, network, colony, component society etc.) and provides / offers value / "range of products" for the consumers in the target proximate external environment [M.sub.pext] [4], [2] Internal and / or external facilitators (Facilit) which stimulate cooperation and competitiveness of the internal community components [1] and of the determinants [3],
A number of companies, including Comint Leather Goods and Ice Cube Apparel, have signed or renewed leases at 463 Seventh Avenue, according to Adams & Company Real Estate, which brokered the transactions.
The Far East Section of the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington used the TESTMs, chronologies, and COMINT summaries to issue every Monday an estimate of Japanese ship locations.
Ask Gabriel Schoenfeld, the Commentary editor who had argued earlier that the editors could theoretically be prosecuted under the so-called Comint statute for disclosing the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program.
That is just what the MAIGRET S 5800 combined naval RESM, ELINT, CESM, COMINT and SIGINT system can deliver.
"Besides UKUSA," says Duncan Campbell, "there are at least 30 other nations operating major communications intelligence (COMINT) organisations.