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comp 1

intr.v. comped, comp·ing, comps
To play a jazz accompaniment, as on a piano or guitar.

[Short for accompany.]

comp 2

 (kŏmp) Informal
1. Something of value, such as a ticket for admission or a book, given free of charge: The first caller to the radio station received four comps to a rock concert.
2. A person who receives something of value free of charge: The audience at the play consisted of 80 paying customers and 20 comps.
1. comped, comp·ing, comps To give (someone) something of value, such as a ticket or a hotel room, free of charge: Each performer was allowed to comp two guests.
2. To give (something of value, such as a ticket or a hotel room) free of charge: The customers' meal was comped after they complained about the service.

[Short for complimentary.]


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a compositor
2. (Music, other) an accompanist
3. (Music, other) an accompaniment
4. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) a competition
5. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) (intr) to work as a compositor in the printing industry
6. (Music, other) to play an accompaniment (to)


Informal. n.
1. something, as a ticket or book, provided free of charge.
2. complimentary; free of charge.
3. to provide with a comp.
4. to provide free of charge.
[1885–90; shortening of complimentary]



to accompany a jazz soloist with irregularly spaced, punctuating chords.
[1945–50; shortening of accompany]


1. comparative.
2. compare.
3. compensation.
4. compilation.
5. compiled.
6. compiler.
7. complement.
8. complete.
9. composition.
10. compositor.
11. compound.
12. comprehensive.


Past participle: comped
Gerund: comping

I comp
you comp
he/she/it comps
we comp
you comp
they comp
I comped
you comped
he/she/it comped
we comped
you comped
they comped
Present Continuous
I am comping
you are comping
he/she/it is comping
we are comping
you are comping
they are comping
Present Perfect
I have comped
you have comped
he/she/it has comped
we have comped
you have comped
they have comped
Past Continuous
I was comping
you were comping
he/she/it was comping
we were comping
you were comping
they were comping
Past Perfect
I had comped
you had comped
he/she/it had comped
we had comped
you had comped
they had comped
I will comp
you will comp
he/she/it will comp
we will comp
you will comp
they will comp
Future Perfect
I will have comped
you will have comped
he/she/it will have comped
we will have comped
you will have comped
they will have comped
Future Continuous
I will be comping
you will be comping
he/she/it will be comping
we will be comping
you will be comping
they will be comping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been comping
you have been comping
he/she/it has been comping
we have been comping
you have been comping
they have been comping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been comping
you will have been comping
he/she/it will have been comping
we will have been comping
you will have been comping
they will have been comping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been comping
you had been comping
he/she/it had been comping
we had been comping
you had been comping
they had been comping
I would comp
you would comp
he/she/it would comp
we would comp
you would comp
they would comp
Past Conditional
I would have comped
you would have comped
he/she/it would have comped
we would have comped
you would have comped
they would have comped
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.comp - an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge; "she took her comps in English literature"
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"


Informal. A free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission:
Slang: freebie.


n (Typ inf) → Setzer(in) m(f)
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An employee would be eligible for comp time only if the employee had worked at least 1,000 hours, or the equivalent of 25 40-hour work weeks, for the employer in the previous 12-month period.
The COMP blamed anti-mining advocates for spreading 'misinformation.
It's not the nature nor the spirit of workers' comp that makes it so risky, it's the capacity for greed and fraud to corrupt the purpose of the coverage which is the concern.
Vi Edwards won one ladies comp from Jean Roberts and Lynda Thomas another from Ann Harries-Jones.
Provides: Dance class, FICA/MC, 401k employee contribution, physiotherapy, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
These managers--all of whom are trained nurses--monitor the workplace and workers' comp cases, and work closely with occupational health providers.
Whereas once the consultant's reports were prepared with management and presented for managers' review and approval, now the comp committee gets the reports first, and sometimes "for their eyes only.
Comp Cams and Morals looked to improve the marketing tactics while operating an efficient facility.
The state has seen some of the highest workers' comp premiums in the nation--costs that have skyrocketed 136 percent on average in just the past four years.
On the LP front, a comp called Tower 13 has been gettin' a lot of play around these parts.

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