Cox-2 inhibitor

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COX-2 inhibitor

Any of a class of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that selectively block prostaglandin formation so as to cause minimal gastrointestinal side effects.
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Noun1.Cox-2 inhibitor - an anti-inflammatory drug that fights pain and blocks Cox-2 activity without impeding the activity of Cox-1; increases the risk of heart attacks; "Cox-2 inhibitors reduce the symptoms of arthritis without endangering the stomach and kidneys"
anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory drug - a medicine intended to reduce inflammation
Celebrex, celecoxib - a Cox-2 inhibitor (trade name Celebrex) that relieves pain and inflammation without harming the digestive tract
rofecoxib, Vioxx - a Cox-2 inhibitor (trade name Vioxx) that relieves pain and inflammation without harming the digestive tract; voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2004
Bextra, valdecoxib - a Cox-2 inhibitor (trade name Bextra) that relieves pain and inflammation without harming the digestive tract
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Last year's study of 336,906 community-dwelling Medicaid beneficiaries by the Veterans Affairs Tennessee Valley Healthcare System extended concerns about COX-2 selective inhibitors to cerebrovascular disease, said Dr.
Justification for the Development of COX-2 Selective Inhibitors
This therapeutic product candidate has the potential to fulfill the need for an effective, tolerable and safer alternative to either oral non-selective NSAIDs or COX-2 selective inhibitors for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as other diseases and disorders which are associated with localized pain and inflammation.
The incidences of upper gastrointestinal clinical events have been shown to be significantly less with COX-2 selective inhibitors than traditional NSAIDs in randomised gastrointestinal outcomes trials of 12 weeks - 12 months' duration.
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The data suggest that "people who use low-dose aspirin for heart protection should take COX-2 selective inhibitors rather than nonselective NSAIDs for treatment of arthritis and musculoskeletal pain," Dr.