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A recombinant form of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, used as a drug to treat neutropenia especially as a result of chemotherapy, and in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.

[fil- (probably alteration of (neutro)phil) + gra(nulocyte) + stim(ulating).]


n filgrastim m
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An increase in mRNA up regulation at E3 for Csf3 and Csf1a as 24.29-fold and 1.98-fold respectively (Figure 8C and 8D).
On the other hand, CSF3 affects growth in a negative way.
Po 3 tyrimo savaiciu nustatyta, kad CSF3 labiausiai stabde svidres augima, kadangi tiriamuju augalu aukstis uz kontroliniu (12,82 cm) buvo mazesnis dvigubai.
Jiang et al., "Mobilization of bone marrow cells by CSF3 protects mice from bleomycin-induced lung injury," Respiration, vol.
In addition to IL-5, IL-13 and IL-9, [O.sub.3] also caused greater increases in BAL CXCL1, IL-6, IL-2, eotaxin (CCL11), CSF3, IL-1a, IL-10, IL-12 (p40), CXCL10, LIF, RANTES, CXCL9, and CCL4 in the same cohort of [O.sub.3]-exposed isotype-treated db/db versus WT mice (Figure 2D-P).
The regulators with p values less than 1.00E - 04 included colony-stimulating factor 3 (CSF3), IL-6, FOS, p38 MAPK, and TNF, and the connection between every regulator and the corresponding target molecule is presented in Figure 6(b).
Also, gene array analysis (PAMM150Z array, SA Bioscience) of Stat4-/- recipient mice adipose tissue showed a significant increase by ~1.3-fold (p < 0.05) of macrophage-colony stimulating factor (Csfl), granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (Csf3), and Tumor Necrosis Factor (Ligand) Superfamily, Member 13b (Tnfsf13b or BAFF) compared to Stat4+/+ recipients (Figure 2(g)).
Furthermore, treatment with neutralising anti-CSF-1R or anti-CSF1 antibodies can lead to a compensatory increase in granulocyte colony stimulating factor (CSF3), which stimulates an increase in neutrophils at the primary tumour site and in metastatic deposits.