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1. Also, ctge. cartage.
2. cartridge.
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On July 28, troops from the 103rd Infantry Brigade encountered the CTG who were in Lumba Bayabao in an attempt to establish a foothold in the area and elude military operations in Bukidnon.
Leveraging this reach and capacity, CTG will be able to customize a cost-efficient connectivity solution for each operator while still providing the same high performance and security.
He stated that priority placed on the Cotton, Textile and Garment (CTG) sector by the apex bank was hinged on the belief that 'it has the capacity to transform Nigeria's rural economy and revive the textile and garment industries by creating over two million jobs, improve internal revenue across three tiers of government, and reduce $4 billion import bill incurred annually on textile and apparel.'
CTG serves a global list of customers from its Iselin, New Jersey headquarters using live instructor-led classroom sessions, live online webinars, and self-paced e-learning courses.
CTG provides webinars featuring live, instructor-led classroom sessions and self-paced e-learning courses.
CTG's ratings are equalised with those of the China sovereign (A+/Stable), based on Fitch's Government-Related Entities (GRE) Rating Criteria.
A coleta de dados dos participantes do Grupo da Invernada Xiru ocorreu na entidade CTG Guido Mombelli, local onde acontecem as aulas de dancas tradicionalistas.
Now the management of Lyari General Hospital has installed an advanced Cardiotocography (CTG) machine which was donated by a philanthropist.
While conveying that Pakistan has a tremendous hydropower potential of more than 60,000 MW, he urged CTG Group to participate in the development of even more hydro, wind and solar power projects in Pakistan.
Obstetrics experience throughout the era showed that meconium passage is a possible threatening sign of foetal asphyxia,8 while the reported incidence of meconium stained amniotic fluid is 1-18%.9 Meconium staining of liquor has long been thought to be a conventional sign of foetal distress, but now CTG is an up-to-date practical method for foetal surveillance during pregnancy and labour.10 The current study was conducted to identify the relationship between colours of liquor with the trace of CTG, whether reactive or non-reactive, as well as to APGAR score.
The shipment of more than 6700 rotable parts will ship to CTG's Headquarters in Yonkers, NY.
"With more than 50 countries in the region, Africa is nonetheless the booming new market with the highest development rate just after Asia, and a very important market for CTG. This collaboration will enable both CTG and Liquid Telecom better serve our customers and explore untapped business potential for further development.