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Ratching around the bottom of my handbag, the man at the cab rank asked: "Haven't got a missing 777 in there, have you?
If you've ever swayed unsteadily in a 40-strong queue on a slow-moving cab rank with a bladder full of beer and a Chronicle full of cold chips you'll know there's absolutely no certainty regarding taxis.
As to the future, McPherson referenced the cab rank rule, whereby barristers are required to accept, if their diary is free and the fee appropriate, any case they are asked to that meets their code of conduct.
But following the 12-hour flight I dragged myself to the cab rank and was surprised when my driver pulled up outside the correct hotel.
Pascoe said: "It is getting to the stage where the public aren't assessing players for themselves any more; it's like a big taxi cab rank.
It is believed Mr Rewcastle, who lived in Bigrigg but is thought to have grown up in the Marton Road area, was targeted because of perceived slights against Bird, made while both worked at the cab rank in the town.
How could he possibly face disciplinary action for a late night when the pair would presumably be jostling for position at the same cab rank on Broad Street?
TWO taxi drivers were beaten and stamped on in a brutal daylight assault at a cab rank.
Instead, on Thursday, the family were joined by Kori as they laid flowers at the cab rank.
Then,finally - gratefully - I spotted a cab rank at which adodgy-looking old Mercedes was parked up,staffed by a dodgy-looking old driver.
Chris Chandler, director of Noda Taxis, who has already called for Newcastle cab rank marshals, welcomed the initiative.
Little is said, in the article, about the heroism of the Canadians, from the 'Tiffie' cab rank of Typhoons to the untried division-soldiers who paid the price, so that General Montgomery could say: "It was all exactly as planned.