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(ˌkɑ vɑ nɑˈtwɑn)

a city on central Luzon, in the N Philippines. 138,298.
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Garcia Memorial Hospital and Medical Center in Cabanatuan City.
3 coincided with the 68th founding anniversary of Cabanatuan.
The price of alumahan per kg was higher by P40 in Butuan City and by P10 in Cabanatuan City, Tacloban City and Cotabato City.
This comprises the cities of Cabanatuan and Palayan as well as the municipalities of Bongabon, Gabaldon, General Mamerto Natividad, Laur, and Santa Rosa.
Julius Causon, 51, of radio station dzJJ, was shot several times by a gunman he was riding his motorcycle to work in Cabanatuan City, reports said.
Therma Luzon Inc, a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power, is seeking a supply contract with Cabanatuan Electric Corp.
As American forces were retaking the Philippines in January 1945, intelligence reports indicated that Japanese forces were going to execute the remaining prisoners of war being held at the Cabanatuan prison camp.
He discusses going to the Philippines, death march and Camp O'Connell, contact with guerrillas, Cabanatuan and Bilibid prisons, prison ship to Japan, slave at Jodogawa, slavery in coal mines, and liberation.
Cabanatuan was divided into Sick Side and Well Side.
Union members passed the agreement Saturday by a 10-1 margin, said Chronicle reporter Michael Cabanatuan, president of the Northern California Media Workers Guild.
William B Breuer's book The Great Raid On Cabanatuan provides the inspiration for John Dahl's wartime drama of heroism and sacrifice, set in the Philippines in 1945.
The Americans, who had landed on Luzon and were making advances in the direction of the POW camp at Cabanatuan, had every reason to believe the prisoners there would share a similar fate.