Cabbage head

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the compact head formed by the leaves of a cabbage; - contemptuously or humorously, and colloquially, a very stupid and silly person; a numskull.

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References in classic literature ?
My Aunt Jane," remarked Peter, "used to say that an old teacher of hers told her that when she was going to recite or speak in public she must just get it firmly into her mind that it was only a lot of cabbage heads she had before her, and she wouldn't be nervous.
One mightn't be nervous, but I don't think there would be much inspiration in reciting to cabbage heads," said the Story Girl decidedly.
The cabbage head is comprised of a series of modified leaves tightly wrapped around a central bud and surrounded by stiff outer leaves in beautiful hues of blue, grey, and green with various degrees of bloom and prominent venation.
What I thought was a cauliflower may form a cabbage head near the ground, rather than growing large leaves.
Separately begin prepping the plating by cutting into red cabbage head vertically into a Vs ring or a thin slice.
Cabbage and head lettuce are harvested before the cabbage head splits or the head lettuce bolts into seed.
Using of RLSD test for each trait means comparison showed significant decreasing in cabbage head weight as Ni in soil increased from 0.
A beautiful dense cabbage head in a classic terracotta pot is just as attractive as the non-edible ornamental sorts.
Cabbage head yield per meter square from area under each treatment was taken.
Neither an automobile on fire nor the collision of two others in a pair of 1969 images [A Car Is Nothing but a Thing and Smash-Up) is discordant with a frankly erotic 1976 study of a cabbage head.
Place a cabbage head in the water and cook about 5 minutes until you remove outer leaves easily.
Something has to give because all the demands on my time are taking their toll: I don't want to keep turning up and playing like a cabbage head, as I did against Adrian, because people pay good money to come and watch me and they deserve better than that.