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 (kăb′əl), James Branch 1879-1958.
American writer best known for a series of satirical novels, including Jurgen (1919), set in a fictitious medieval French province called Poictesme.
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Noun1.Cabell - United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)Cabell - United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)
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Joaquin was a great competitor and very entertaining as a teammate," Cabell said.
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With over 27 years of regional brokerage experience with such firms as AG Edwards, Alex Brown and Branch Cabell, Massengill has most recently been an independent advisor with Lincoln Financial.
In this biography for general readers and history buffs, journalist Cabell, historian Thomas, and travel writer Richards braid narrative and research findings to find the man behind the legend.
He said that Cox also held a symposium on January 31 with Lord Mox Cabell of Aegis Trust Organization, which belongs to the Israeli lobby in Britain, and confessed that she entered Sudan via Juba and with Knowledge of the Sudanese authorities.
Six days later, Kenny Cabell was sitting on a bench on campus with a friend, Ann Rokosky, when they were approached by a man who demanded Mr.
Publishing company Gazebo Books Publishing announced on Friday that it has released a new book by Robert W Cabell titled All the Mermaids: the Lost Journals of the Little Mermaid in the Sea, the first of a trilogy for children and adults.
Nicole Cabell was a dignified Countess, her rich, creamy voice contrasting with the soubrctte Susanna's lighter instrument.
Opened in 1904, it was revamped by Cabell Robinson in the late 1980s and is known for its narrow fairways.
Max is here - actually, this is his second visit to town - to act in a revival at Actors Cabaret of Eugene of "Pretty Faces: The Large and Lovely Musical," an off-Broadway musical about plus-size women that was written by Eugene native and now New York playwright Robert Cabell.