Cabeza de Vaca

Ca·be·za de Va·ca

 (kə-bā′zə də vä′kə, kä-vĕ′thä thĕ vä′kä), Álvar Núñez 1490?-1557?
Spanish explorer and colonial administrator who explored parts of present-day Florida, Texas, and Mexico and aroused Spain's interest in the region with his vivid stories of opportunities.
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Ca•be•za de Va•ca

(kəˈbeɪ zɑ də ˈvɑ kɑ)
Álvar Núñez, c1490–1557?, Spanish explorer in the Americas.
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She's also required to play bill collector to customers who aren't paying for their food, including pregnant Beatriz Cabeza de Vaca, who used to keep house for Daphne's family in better times.
(2) It presents as an example the novel El largo atardecer del caminante (1992), by Argentinean Abel Posse, (3) which retells the expeditions across North and South America recounted in Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca's Naufragios y comentarios (1555).
Details of EstebanAEs life come from the writings of <AEA>lvar N<AEu>[+ or -]ez Cabeza de Vaca in his 1542 account called La relaci<AEo>n.
This trend manifested itself in retellings of canonical texts such as Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca's La Relacion, the account of the Narvaez expedition.
He serves to partially authenticate the accounts of his companions, Andres Dorantes de Carranza, Alonso del Castillo Maldonado and Eulvar NE[bar]Eez Cabeza de Vaca. "The first was my legal master; the second my fellow captive, and the third my rival storyteller." Beholden to rules and laws, the three men leave much out of their accounts when they tell their stories later.