Cabinet council

Same as Cabinet, n., 4 (of which body it was formerly the full title).
A meeting of the cabinet.
See under Cabinet.

See also: Cabinet, Cabinet, Council

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We therefore, who are the registers of that lottery, shall imitate those sagacious persons who deal in that which is drawn at Guildhall, and who never trouble the public with the many blanks they dispose of; but when a great prize happens to be drawn, the newspapers are presently filled with it, and the world is sure to be informed at whose office it was sold: indeed, commonly two or three different offices lay claim to the honour of having disposed of it; by which, I suppose, the adventurers are given to understand that certain brokers are in the secrets of Fortune, and indeed of her cabinet council.
No Cabinet Council is held in this country at which my influence is not represented.
Expanding the Open Data Council to include members from all Executive Branch agencies will help facilitate the work weve begun through the Family Services Cabinet Council, and allow us to share and analyze data to effectively deliver services and allocate resources for Delawareans.
The cabinet Council decided to refer the draft law on amending some provisions of Law 22/2014, highlighted in a memorandum presented by the Interior Minister, to the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs.
Swift's creation His friend John Gay wrote in a 1726 letter to him that: "It is universally read, from the cabinet council to the nursery.
Cabinet Council beyond" on the out was a "I remember well the impact of the most recent floods on the local community and I hope the completion of this scheme provides reassurance for residents.
The circular said the Oman Cabinet Council had taken a decision to allow government sector employees to resign or take unpaid one year leave in order to better run their own business.
Speaking during a business cabinet council meeting, she said: "I have seen first hand the good this programme has done for some of the most vulnerable adults in the city.
The new bill was approved in a recent Cabinet Council and brings around 22 pre-existing diplomas into one unique law which will become the "base of the programmes", the Minister explained.
In an earlier report to the authority's cabinet council leader Neil Moore said: "The plan is currently indicating a significant increased shortfall of available funding to 2017-18 and requires PS32m of savings to be found between 2015-16 and 2017-18.
In a recommendation to Wirral''s ruling cabinet council officers have advised that Byrne Avenue baths in Birkenhead should be "declared surplus" and auctioned off.
The Cabinet Council has authorized the Ministry of Government to begin the process of selecting the concessionaire.

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