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(Turkish ˈsivɑs)
(Placename) a city in central Turkey, at an altitude of 1347 m (4420 ft): one of the chief cities in Asia Minor in ancient times; scene of the national congress (1919) leading to the revolution that established modern Turkey. Pop: 266 000 (2005 est)



a city in central Turkey. 240,100.
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Sociologically, Viqueque town was, and remains today, located in the suku of Caraubalo and its boundaries overlapped with Cabira Oan, one of the seven villages in that suku.
New Alco 8g Dom Alco - Cabira Des Saccart D McGowan and S Murphy 7/1P025/ RPR 120h 154c He is an ideal type for the Hennessy, which will be his first race back.
New Alco 4g Dom Alco - Cabira des Saccart 322-41 I took a shine to him when I saw him running in a chase in France, where one of the horses that beat him was Hoo La Baloo, and he did us proud when romping home at Aintree.