Cable tier

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That part of a vessel where the cables are stowed.
A coil of a cable.

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According to Reuters, terms of the new deal will placeMTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount Network (presently Spike) and BET on Spectrum's basic cable tier once again.
Not being on the basic cable tier means a big loss in subscriber fees, which providers pay programmers like FX for the privilege of carrying their feed.
Locally, in order to get the regional sports channels, I have to subscribe to the premium cable tier.
who aren't going to pay for HBO as a $15 charge on top of a $70 basic cable tier, but will pay for HBO Go on top of a broadband subscription.
Charter initially expects to launch the network on its expanded basic cable tier in time for Saturday's Big Ten college football openers.
An additional obstacle for start-ups is that new channels would be added to the digital cable tier, which currently has a national reach of only about 30 percent of cable subscribers.
Polka noted, "Many consumers that want to opt out of the big cable bundle in favor of a less expensive alternative are gravitating to a bundle that includes just the basic cable tier (essentially local TV stations), plus broadband Internet access, and then relying on over-the-top video services to gain access to a more limited amount of cable programming more narrowly tailored to their specific interests.
But it's not just the denizens of the basic cable tier who are trying to make up for declining advertising revenue.
That's a departure from not very long ago, when NBC's then-boss Robert Wright floated the idea of migrating the network to a cable tier, leaving affiliates high and dry.
Had the past decade turned out the way many execs predicted, we'd all be watching movies (and ordering Entertainment Weekly subscriptions) on AOL, the networks would be just another channel on the cable tier and Yahoo would have the keys to a studio backlot.