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or ca·bo·clo (kə-bô′klo͞o, -klō)
n. pl. Ca·bo·clos or ca·bo·clos
A person of mixed Brazilian Indian and European or African ancestry.

[Portuguese, of Tupian origin.]
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He is an athlete that deserves my praise." He added: "I feel pity for him in some moments, because what this boy suffers isn't easy." Rogerio Caboclo, the CBF president, lost confidence in Edu and the switch to Arsenal was timely for both parties.
Tyler Harvey, whose 3-pointer tied it in regulation, added 13 points, and Bruno Caboclo had 12.
The Boro legend was recruited to the CBF board earlier in April by new President Rogerio Caboclo took office.
Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) president Rogerio Caboclo told reporters Wednesday that the world's most expensive player would take part in the tournament -- the second time in as many days he has made such an assurance.
Marin was given a four-year prison sentence last August in the Fifa corruption scandal that disgraced the sport worldwide.The Brazilian federation is now governed by Rogerio Caboclo, Del Nero's former right-hand man.
Abro em um dos babilaques chamado "As mandibulas do tubarao imperialista versus sombra chinesa de capim de caboclo" feito em Salvador, Itapoa, 1976 (Figura 1).
Los integrantes del grupo defienden la idea de la mezcla cultural, combinando los ritmos afro-bahianos con la cultura del caboclo, un hibrido brasileno con raices tanto europeas como indigenas (Batista, 2005; Schaeber, 2006).
O homem mestico, o negro, o caboclo sao os sujeitos para os quais o artista direciona o olhar.