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1. A highly polished, convex-cut, unfaceted gem.
2. A convex style of cutting gems.
In a highly polished, convex-cut, unfaceted style: a sapphire that was cut cabochon.

[French, from Old North French, augmentative of caboche, head; see cabbage.]


(ˈkæbəˌʃɒn; French kabɔʃɔ̃)
(Jewellery) a smooth domed gem, polished but unfaceted
[C16: from Old French, from Old Norman French caboche head; see cabbage1]


(ˈkæb əˌʃɒn, -ˌʃɔ̃)

1. a gemstone, usu. round or oval, cut so as to have a domed surface that is polished but not faceted.
2. the style of cutting a stone so.
3. in the form of a cabochon: a turquoise cut cabochon.
4. cut in the form of a cabochon.
[1570–80; < Middle French, derivative of caboche head]
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Noun1.cabochon - a highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets
gemstone, gem, stone - a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry; "he had the gem set in a ring for his wife"; "she had jewels made of all the rarest stones"
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com A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND | Exquisite styling and precise engineering are the hallmarks of Christopher Ward's Belisama Diamond Automatic timepiece with Wesselton diamonds decorating the case and a blue cabouchon stone on the crown.
The Lina is a purely black Cabouchon style in lace and crocodile skin, flowers and black stones, and ?
For the men, a rare cased set of art deco diamond and onyx set dress studs and cufflinks in 18 carat gold and platinum is expected to fetch up to pounds 600, while a pair of fox mask set cuff links with cabouchon ruby set eyes carries an estimate of up to pounds 300.
CABOUCHON is a leading seller of high-quality costume jewellery through consultant-led parties and a catalogue.
Despite outrageous attempts to be otherwise, Rosie has always looked like a librarian from Reading who breaks out every now and then with her Cabouchon earrings (circa '86) and with dresses like the Vivienne Westwood number (although I suspect Vivienne would die rather than accept responsibility for it) she wore to this year's Oscars which was only shocking because we don't expect women like Rosie to wear them.