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Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini


 (kə-brē′nē), Saint Frances Xavier Known as "Mother Cabrini." 1850-1917.
Italian-born American religious leader who founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (1880) and was the first American to be canonized (1946).


(kəˈbri ni)

Saint Frances Xavier (“Mother Cabrini”), 1850–1917, U.S. nun, born in Italy; founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
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Most applications at Cabrini are compiled with HL7 data standards, which simplified communication among them.
The essay begins with a quotation from Roland Barthes on the photograph, then moves to a remembered image of five children from the infamous Cabrini Green housing project crossing a street in Chicago, at Easter time, which she and her sister witnessed.
A Sacred Place in the Heart of the City Honors Mother Cabrini
Following the administration of the iconic 105-year-old technology company the ICT business and assets of Australian technology service company, AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia), has been sold to Cabrini Health Limited.
has been named the eighth President of Cabrini College.
The building's site at 62 Avenue B 62 Avenue B once housed the Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.
At the time, Cabrini was the second-poorest community in the United States, according to an analysis of 1980 census data by Pierre DeVise, a public administration professor at Roosevelt University.
Taking our cue from Mother Cabrini, let us all work for comprehensive immigration reform so that we can continue to welcome the poor, the tired, and the huddled masses to our land.
In the company of some of the world's finest players such as Gheorghe Hagi, Michael Laudrup and Antonio Cabrini, the pupils will compete in their ownWorld Cup semi-finals and final.
Filled with compassion and a fierce dedication to service, students from Cabrini College and Villanova University, both outside Philadelphia, answered the call to spread awareness of global humanitarian issues to their college campuses and in their communities.
In 1990 Italy's Antonio Cabrini became the first player to miss a penalty in the Final and one to be squandered in this year's Final is 12-1.
On August 11, 2997 the patient was admitted to Cabrini Medical Center.