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In most cabrios you have to slow down to shut the roof and that's not ideal in a sudden downpour.
Tim Kuniskis, head of the FIAT Brand North America, said, 'We are honoured by SAMA's recognition, particularly because SAMA members really know everything about cabrios.
That's quite a return and sums up the cult status of one of the great little cabrios of our time.
All cabrios have hi-tech features special to the E-Class including a driver fatigue monitor and adaptive suspension.
Conversely, the number of people looking for sports cars and cabrios has risen from 12% to 15%.
It is one of a few cabrios that can really be called a four-seater even though others claim to be big enough.
You're right - tintop coupe cabrios, like rag-tops, have been losing bundles recently, because the market sees them as luxury goods.
In fact it's one of those rare cabrios which looks just as good with the roof up or down - helped in the case of my test car by very distinctive red bodywork and 16-inch chrome finish alloy wheels.
The One and Cooper Cabrios are due out later this summer.
Jeremy Simpson, head of smart, added: "There are now more than 16,000 smart city-coups and cabrios on British roads and we're delighted to get such positive feedback from those customers who decided to make a smart choice.
Plus the satisfaction of driving one of the most elegant, beautifully sculpted cabrios on the roads today.