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Noun1.Cachi - a mountain in the Andes in Argentina (22,047 feet high)
Argentina, Argentine Republic - a republic in southern South America; second largest country in South America
Andes - a mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
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Underground drilling has led to expansion and upgrading of mineralization at Yauricocha's Central Mine and Cachi Cachi areas.
This entity is also carrying out the expansion of the Cachi and Rio Macho dams with an approximate generation of 20 MW and 53 MW, respectively;
Unpublished report prepared for Museo Arqueologico de Cachi, Cachi.
At the pretty town of Cachi we prepare for the ascent by sipping a local Puna tea, made from coca leaves and pupusa - yellow flowers of a mountain shrub - the properties of which are said to counteract the effects of altitude.
Ma, non sapendo probabilmente che cosa fosse una capinera, terminava la prima quartina con un sonoro e ornatissimo: "Cantano mille cachi neri.
At the Sherman Oaks Blockbuster store, 34-year-old Alfredo Cachi stopped by after work looking for some action movies.
At the Web address level/ database level, all URL tags are encrypted using a 128-bit encryption scheme that is proprietary to InterSystems and CACHI.
Underground drilling in 2014 led to the expansion and upgrading of mineralization at both the Central Mine and Cachi Cachi Mine.
This modernization effort is being done in other plants which are some of the oldest, such as Cachi.
Omar Hesse and Jorge Millstein have recorded electromagnetic signals and radiation originating from beneath mountains in Nevado de Cachi, Argentina.