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Noun1.Cachi - a mountain in the Andes in Argentina (22,047 feet high)
Argentina, Argentine Republic - a republic in southern South America; second largest country in South America
Andes - a mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
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The fluidity with which one went from being a Caco to a harmless peasant plagued the marines.
The maximum amounts (q max ) of Co(II) and Cr(VI) adsorbed in CaCO 3 were 2.
Table 3 Number of Sessions to Reach Criterion in the Pretraining and Training Phases With Three and Four Discriminations for Each Participant Participant Phase Minimum Caco Lulu Teo Gica programmed 1.
In this paper, we propose a new hybrid method based on DES and CACO, in which the possibility of premature can be reduced and the convergence rate is improved.
The work focused on the properties of the water and sediment of Lake Caco and the structure of its benthic community, aiming to assess possible changes on the species composition, population density and species richness of that community as related to seasonality.
We can particularly see the influence of an African cosmology in the choice of the name Ife for the grandmother, the Caco family's matriarch.
Tajikistan is the member of CIS, CACO, ECO, SCO and EurAsEC.
La alta tasa de crecimiento, la buena capacidad reproductiva, el comportamiento social, la rusticidad y la alta calidad de su carne (Escobar y Gonzalez-Jimenez, 1976) hacen del caco un valioso y promisorio recurso natural.
THE tree Theobroma caco produces the cocoa bean, but first let me tell you a bit about the history of chocolate.
Personnel interested in volunteering for funeral honors service should contact their command or regional CACO for more information.
The father of Joseph and Andre was a caco who participated in the guerrilla war against the American occupational force.