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also ca·das·ter  (kə-dăs′tər)
A public register showing details of ownership of the real property in a district, including boundaries and tax assessments.

[French, from Provençal cadastro, from Italian catastro, alteration of Old Italian catastico, from Late Greek katastikhon, register : Greek kata-, by; see cata- + Greek stikhos, line; see steigh- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·das′tral adj.
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or ca•das•ter

(kəˈdæs tər)

an official register of the ownership, extent, and value of real property in a given area, used as a basis of taxation.
[1795–1805; < French < Occitan cadastro < Italian catastro]
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Noun1.cadastre - a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land; made for the purpose of taxation
register, registry - an official written record of names or events or transactions
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I think with the mining cadastre system backed with the Mineral Act of 2007, the Federal Government has done its part, because this has given investors adequate security of tenor.
The first ever mining cadastre system is being introduced in the province, entailing online reporting through automatic way besides determining mineral rights of business community.
He said the government launched a modern mining cadastre system to ensure effective administration and regulation of mining rights and accurate mineral resource management by checking corruption.
He said first ever mining cadastre system was being introduced in the province, entailing online reporting through automatic way besides determining mineral rights of business community.
Housing buildings and residential properties will be shown in tridimensional preview in the cadastre system. Introducing the height point of object will enable to visualize the real image and inform about the real-estate property including surface, height and depth.
The X-axis of Ott's system of coordinates was set in accordance with the third sheet line of the East column XIX to the West (dc) and the Y-axis in accordance with the fourth sheet line of the 9th layer to the South (hi) of the stable cadastre system (Fig.
The breadth or domain of mineral sector includes, but is not limited to, mineral resource mapping, mineral resource modeling and visualization, mine planning and design, mine management, mineral and mining cadastre system. Although, there are many software solutions for various aspects related to mineral sector, but a comprehensive and coherent solution, seizes to exist.