n.1.(Zool.) A jackdaw.
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Substitutes not used: Morton, Caddow, Hall and Rodger.
EDINBURGH CITY: Morton, Caddow, Morrison, Rodger, Dunn, Blake, Laird, Malin (Mackie 60), Smith (Hall 82), Beattie, Grimes (Olanrewaju 72).
Edinburgh City have John Dunn, Jordan Caddow, Chris McKee and Craig Beattie injured as they host Montrose who are missing Paul Watson, Graham Webster, Michael Bolochoweckyj, Danny Cavanagh, Ryan Ferguson, Terry Masson, Kerr Hay and Jamie Redman.
One caddow contains the entire text of the Lord's Prayer.
PAINSTAKING WORK: Albert Glew and Alan Caddow, two of the stonemasons at work on Durham Cathedral
Caddow was the only manager of the Wine Institute since its formation.
Caddow said the fledgling academy has outgrown its current home at Valencia Open Bible Church, with enrollment expected to grow from more than 40 to about 60 students for the coming year.
A memorial service will be held July 19 for Edwina "Eddie" Caddow of Eugene, who died June 30 of congestive heart failure.
Caddow, according to OED, is an obsolete or dialectal term for a rough woollen covering, first attested in a will of 1579 from the archdeaconry of Richmond, Yorkshire, which refers to `ij caddow blankets, at two shillings and fourpence.
Jardine's decision to introduce Jordan Caddow at the break in place of defender Joe Mbu sparked City into life with the striker having two goalbound headers saved by Elgin loan keeper Marc Waters.
Jordan Caddow and Dean Carse also scored either side of a consolation from Kenny Park.