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 (kăd′l-ăk′, kä-dē-yäk′), Sieur Antoine de la Mothe 1658-1730.
French explorer and colonial administrator who founded Detroit, Michigan (1701), and was governor of Louisiana (1710-1716).


(ˈkæd lˌæk)

Antoine de la Mothe (ˈmɔt) 1657?–1730, French colonial governor in North America: founder of Detroit.
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In 1902, the Cadillac Automobile Company was created in Detroit.
Presley's last Cadillac automobile, a maroon and silver 1977 Seville, was among the highlights of the inaugural Auction at Graceland in August, going for $81,250.
Five years ago we decided to treat ourselves to a Cadillac automobile, and it turned out to be one of our best investments ever.