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Noun1.cadmium orange - orange-hued cadmium yellow pigment
cadmium yellow - pigment of cadmium sulfide and barium sulfate varying in hue from lemon yellow to orange
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Manufacturer and processor of pigments that include high-strength red, yellow and black synthetic iron oxides as well as transparent iron oxides, cadmium pigments, lead and chrome-free pigments, complex inorganic and high heat-stable pigments.
Cadmium pigments are used to create bright yellow, orange, red, and maroon dyes, paints, plastics, and ceramics.
The acquisition expanded Rockwood's global pigments capabilities with a full range of transparent iron oxides, cadmium pigments, complex inorganic color pigments, and dispersions.
Iron oxide colors, lead pigments (such as chrome yellow), ultramarine blue, chromium oxide and cadmium pigments are the ones normally used.
Further development of these materials, at Indestructible, resulted in the elimination of cadmium pigments, making the products more user friendly and widening the possible range of applications.
But the sun may indeed set on cadmium pigments in the United States if the Senate approves a proposed amendment to the 1989 Solid Waste Disposal Act.
Pigments include full color range of highheat, nonbleeding, no-plateout fluorescents; 6SSU Natural and GSS color series phosphorescent pigments; high brightness and extended afterglow LumiNova phosphorescent pigments; cadmium pigments for special engineering resins in a range of yellows, oranges, reds and maroons in both CP and lithopone forms; organic pigments such as Red Lake C, Red 2B, lithol rubines, diarylide yellows, and phthalocyanine blue and green.
announced the introduction of the Mindust line of low dust cadmium pigments, which reportedly reduce the potential for workplace exposure to airborne cadmium.
Color pigments include high-value Synergy pigments designed to reduce costs for formulators of industrial coatings; Meteor and Meteor Plus complex inorganic pigments for applications requiring heat resistance and exterior durability; Engeltone organic pigments in a wide spectrum of colors; Engeltone low-soluble cadmium pigments for uses requiring good heat and light stability; and Engeltone lead chromate and moly orange pigments for cost-effective coloring.
recently introduced Mindust-treated cadmium pigments, which, according to Carlton Johnson, business manager for Engelhard's colors products group, generate significantly lower levels of airborne dust than untreated products, while providing equivalent color value and performance.
Manufacturer and processor of pigments that include high-strength red, yellow and black synthetic iron oxides as well as transparent cadmium pigments, color concentrates, complex inorganic and high heat-stable pigments.
At ANTEC in Dallas last month, Engelhard introduced ThermoBrite cadmium pigments, five yellows and six reds, which pass the ISO TC35 test for very low residues.