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Noun1.Cadra - a genus of Pyralidae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Pyralidae, family Pyralididae, Pyralidae, Pyralididae - bee moths; corn borers; flour moths
almond moth, Cadra cautella, fig moth - a moth whose larvae feed on and mat together with webbing various stored products of vegetable origin
Cadra figulilella, raisin moth - moth whose larvae attack dried fruits and cereal products
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Esto es precisamente lo que Cadra Peterson McDaniel propone en su obra American-Soviet Cultural Diplomacy.
Life cycle of the tropical warehouse moth Cadra cautella (WLK) at controlled temperatures and humidities.
Inherited sterility in the fig moth Cadra (Ephestia) cautella Walker.
The system targets several stored product moth species including Ephestia elutella (warehouse or cocoa moth), Ephestia kuehniella (mill moth or flour moth), Ephestia figulilella (raisin moth), Cadra cautella (almond moth) and Plodia interpunctella (Indian meal moth).
Pavel Cadra, who had a private law practice in Prague.
Cadra was launched in November last year to represent and promote restaurateurs within the capital and its districts.
The Thai House, along with the six other founding members of Cadra, have set up an appeal fund to support the millions of people left homeless by disaster.
Other experiments using males of a distantly related moth species, Cadra cautella, revealed that this species also responds to encounters with single strands of pheromone (Mafra-Neto and Card[acute{e}], 1994, 1996).
Last year Softech acquired Adra Systems Inc for its Cadra product line, designed as a Microcadam clone.
Must-sees: Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town; Santa Eulalia; Benirras; Es Cadra and Es Cana's Hippy Market.
By integrating Designbase into Cadra III, users will gain access to surface and solids modeling techniques employed by Ricoh.