Cadra cautella

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Noun1.Cadra cautella - a moth whose larvae feed on and mat together with webbing various stored products of vegetable origin
pyralid, pyralid moth - usually tropical slender-bodied long-legged moth whose larvae are crop pests
Cadra, genus Cadra - a genus of Pyralidae
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hebetor parasitizing Cadra cautella (Walker) increased, proposing a scramble-like competition among the larvae of parasitoids.
The glue-board type of pheromone trap with attractant for Indian meal moths, 4 related moths (almond moth (Cadra cautella (Walker)), raisin moth (C.
Ephestia kuehniella Zeller (Elliot et al., 1983; Harvey and Vet, 1997), Cadra cautella (Press et al., 1977, 1982), E.
A longevity cost of re-mating but no benefits of polyandry in the almond moth, Cadra cautella. Behavioral ecology and Sociobiology 62: 1433-1440.